Guo Baolong

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Color quantization is widely exploited for many applications. Studying the traditional octree color quantization algorithm (OCQ) found that it is efficient for color image quantization except it needs huge calculating time and computer memory. OCQ adopts a bottom-up pruning process, i.e. beginning with leaf nodes in a complete octree, so to avoid the large(More)
In order to improve denosing capacity of ERT system excited by bi-directional pulse current and reduce the disturbance on measurements caused by noises, this paper makes further studies on the noises caused by the charges accumulated on the measurement electrode. 2D emulation is established for 16 electrode sensitivity field and also parameter distribution(More)
As for the communication blackout problem encountered by hypersonic vehicles (HSV) due to the presence of plasma sheath. This paper first investigate the physical mechanism of plasma sheath and its interaction with radio wave briefly, and then focus on the relationship of phase shift with maximum plasma density, collision frequency, and the thickness of(More)
A novel approach is presented to accomplish panoramic image stabilization. Firstly, the global motion with six parameters is obtained by the iteration of block motions. In each divided image block, the gray projection correlation based on the three points' adaptive search method is presented to obtain block motion from-coarse-to-fine. And then, all the(More)
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