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Streaming of an arbitrary region of interest (RoI) from a high resolution video is essential to supporting zooming and panning within a video stream. This paper explores two methods for RoI-based streaming, referring to them as tiled streaming and monolithic streaming. Tiled streaming partitions video frames into grid of tiles and encodes each tile as an(More)
Zoomable video allows users to selectively zoom and pan into regions of interest within the video for viewing at higher resolutions. Such interaction requires dynamic cropping of RoIs on the source video. In this paper, we consider how the bandwidth needed to transmit the RoIs can be reduced by carefully encoding the source video. The key idea is to exploit(More)
We conducted a user study with 4 video clips and 37 viewing sessions on how users interact with a web-based zoomable video system, where users can zoom and pan within the video to view selected regions-of-interest with more detail. The study shows that frequency of interaction is very high and the period during which users watch the video without(More)
This paper introduces a new paradigm for interacting with zoomable video. Our interaction technique reduces the number of zooms and pans required by providing recommended viewports to the users, and replaces multiple zoom and pan actions with a simple click on the recommended viewport. The usefulness of our technique is visible in the quality of the(More)
We conducted a user study with 35 participants viewing 5 video clips to understand user tolerance to network latency when zooming and panning in zoomable video streams. With zooming or panning, unseen spatial regions in a frame are revealed and momentarily in an unknown state until data arrive from the server. To handle such unknown state, two common(More)
We consider the following problem in this paper: A video is encoded as a set of tiles <i>T</i> and is streamed to multiple users via a one-hop wireless LAN. Each user selects a region-of-interest (RoI), represented as a subset of <i>T</i>, in the video to watch. The RoI selected by the users may overlap. Each tile may be multicast or unicast. We define the(More)
We present Jiku Live, a client-server system that supports zoom and pan operations in live video streaming from network cameras. The client is an Android mobile application that plays back live video from a selected camera and supports multi-touch zoom and pan interaction. The server acquires video streams from network cameras and transcodes the video feeds(More)
—P2P networks have traditionally been used as an enabler for distributed storage and file sharing. With consumer electronics(CE) devices becoming more complex, we can expect a P2P network of CE devices to enable sharing of other resources such as CPU cycles and memory for certain targeted applications. In this paper we present a technique which can enable a(More)
This paper describes a fuzzy union based approach for automatically evaluating machine generated extract summaries. The proposed method represents every sentence within a machine generated summary as a fuzzy set. Sentences in the reference summary are assigned membership grades in each of these fuzzy sets using cosine distance measure. Finally Fuzzy union(More)