Guntram Schmidt

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The title compound, {[Ni(SO4)(C6H16N2)(H2O)2]·H2O} n , contains a Ni(II) atom that is coordinated nearly octa-hedrally by a chelating tetra-ethyl-enediamine (tmeda) ligand, two water mol-ecules in a cis arrangement and two O atoms of two sulfate anions in a trans arrangement. The sulfate anions act as μ2-bridging ligands leading to a chain structure of(More)
1. The effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) on contraction and release of [3H]-noradrenaline were investigated in vitro in bovine ovarian follicle strips. Using available selective agonists and antagonists, an effort was made to characterize the type of receptor mediating the inhibitory effect of 5-HT on neurogenic contraction and release of(More)
1 Strips from the bovine ovarian follicle wall were incubated in Krebs-Ringer solution containing [3H]-noradrenaline in order to saturate sympathetic nerve fibres with radiolabelled transmitter. This allowed the study of field stimulation-evoked transmitter release. 80.3 +/- 3.9% of the tritium released upon stimulation (10 Hz, pulse duration 1 ms, 10 V(More)
The motor effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) on the bovine ovarian follicle were studied in vitro using strips from follicle walls. Electrical field stimulation of nerves in the preparation, secured by tetrodotoxin blockade, caused a contraction that was almost totally abolished by phentolamine and only slightly affected by atropine. This mainly(More)
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