Gunther Maier

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This paper discusses the relationship between Journal Impact Factors and the scientific community's judgment of the quality of journals in regional science, a discipline closely related to economics and geography. The paper compares the results of a survey inquiring the quality of journals in the discipline with the impact factors of these journals for a(More)
This paper is concerned with the implications of job search models for migration. In contrast to earlier models, the model described here does not assume perfect information about the wage offer distribution. "In this model information about the wage offer distribution is imperfect and accumulated through the search process. When based on this search(More)
  • G Maier
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie
  • 1998
Current demographic trends indicate an increase in average age within the workforce. The "junior-staff-directed" personnel strategies of companies obviously no longer fit when the number of older workers increase. Based on current research, it is still open in which direction older employees present an obstacle for innovation and which intervention(More)
  • G Maier
  • Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie
  • 2000
The present study analyses gender-specific risks for women in the second half of their career, especially their labour force participation rate, the degree and quality of their vocational qualification, the risk of becoming unemployed, and their transition to retirement. The analysed data show that women obviously are at higher risks to participate in the(More)
Computer networks like the Internet are gaining importance in social and economic life. The accelerating pace of the adoption of network technologies for business purposes is a rather recent phenomenon. Many applications are still in the early, sometimes even experimental phase. Nevertheless, it seems to be certain that networks will change the(More)
This paper discusses the impact of externalities on economic growth and the long term distribution of economic activities in a system of two regions. We use a standard neoclassical growth model of the Solow-type and augment it with a random process of innovation allocation. The long term behavior of this model is analyzed. As it turns out the dynamic(More)
La série des Etudes et Documents du CERDI est consultable sur le site : Avertissement : Les commentaires et analyses développés n'engagent que leurs auteurs qui restent seuls responsables des erreurs et insuffisances. Abstract This paper employs the hedonic price method (HPM) to examine whether the implicit value of the greenbelt is capitalized into(More)
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