Gunther Mack

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The new DIN ('Deutsche Industrie-Norm') 6875-1, which is currently being finalised, deals with quality assurance (QA) criteria and tests methods for linear accelerator and Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy including treatment planning, stereotactic frame and stereotactic imaging and a system test to check the whole chain of uncertainties.(More)
A simple approach to the quantitation of ciprofloxacin and its three metabolites, M1 (desethylene-ciprofloxacin), M2 (sulfo-ciprofloxacin) and M3 (oxo-ciprofloxacin), in human serum, urine, saliva and sputum is described. This assay allows the parent drug and its metabolites to elute and be resolved in a single chromatogram at 280 nm using a linear(More)
OBJECT The purpose of the paper is to describe a workable three-dimensional dosimetry system for use in quality assurance programs of departments in which radiosurgery is performed. METHODS A system was developed on the basis of radiochromatic films. The experimental findings of the measured dose distributions for small complex-shaped targets, within a(More)
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