Gunther Lustig

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Cluster systems gain more and more importance as a platform for parallel computing. In this area the power of the system is strongly coupled with the performance of the network, which has to provide high bandwidth and low latency. Besides these performance aspects fault-tolerance within the network is very important. This paper shows how to build a flexible(More)
The aim of the human neuroscanning project (HNSP) is to build an atlas of a human brain at cellular level. The database was obtained by a variety of image modalities and in particular histological sections of a prepared brain. As the preparation leads to linear and non-linear deformations of the tissue, reconstructing the essential information out of(More)
Routing has an important influence on the performance of interconnection networks in parallel computers. Besides simple oblivious schemes like xy-routing for 2D grids there exist a lot of sophisticated adaptive and fault-tolerant routing algorithms which could however not be implemented so far, because there are no fast hardware routers which are able to(More)
In this paper the propagation of information about fault states and its implementation in high-speed networks is discussed. The algebraic concept of a lattice (partial ordered set with supremum and in mum) is used to describe the necessary operation. It turns out that popular algorithms can be handled this way. Using the properties of lattices e cient(More)
The communication network and its interface are an important factor for the performance of modern cluster computing systems. During the last years, several new approaches were developed which yield higher bandwidth and lower latency than traditional alternatives. However, applications often can exploit the performance of the underlying network only by using(More)