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Glutamate racemase is an enzyme essential to the bacterial cell wall biosynthesis pathway, and has therefore been considered as a target for antibacterial drug discovery. We characterized the glutamate racemases of several pathogenic bacteria using structural and biochemical approaches. Here we describe three distinct mechanisms of regulation for the family(More)
Fragment-based lead discovery and design has and continues to show increasing promise in drug discovery. In this article, the current state of the art in terms of hot-spot characterization, fragment screening techniques, and fragment-based design is discussed. Three overall fragment-based lead generation strategies are explored and involve the chemical(More)
With the diminishing effectiveness of current antibacterial therapies, it is critically important to discover agents that operate by a mechanism that circumvents existing resistance. ETX0914, the first of a new class of antibacterial agent targeted for the treatment of gonorrhea, operates by a novel mode-of-inhibition against bacterial type II(More)
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