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Malposition of the acetabular component is a risk factor for post-operative dislocation after total hip replacement (THR). We have investigated the influence of the orientation of the acetabular component on the probability of dislocation. Radiological anteversion and abduction of the component of 127 hips which dislocated post-operatively were measured by(More)
The epidemiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Austria is almost unknown. We evaluated the prevalence of MS in Austria using data from questionnaires completed by neurologists, comprising information on a total of 1,006 MS patients who attended 30 out-patient specialized clinics nationwide. Additional data were collected from 2,414 MS patients, who received(More)
BACKGROUND We previously demonstrated that therapy with a new endothelin A receptor antagonist (ET-RA) significantly reduced mortality rates in severe acute pancreatitis (AP) in the rat without attenuating local signs of disease severity (intrapancreatic protease activation, acinar cell necrosis). This raised the question as to why ET-RA was so effective.(More)
BACKGROUND Capillary leakage with fluid loss into the third space contributes to many of the early systemic complications in severe acute pancreatitis. There has been increasing interest in endothelin as one of the factors affecting capillary permeability. AIM To elucidate further the role of endothelin in the development of capillary leakage in acute(More)
Scientific data on the physiological profile of world class skiers are sparse. During the last decade the Austria Ski Team was the most successful in the world. It was the objective of this study to describe the physical and physiological characteristics of World Cup (WC) skiers. Twenty female and 28 male members of the Austrian WC Ski Team were examined(More)
A prospective, randomised out-of-hospital study in a two-tiered system with active compression-decompression (ACD) cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) versus standard (STD) CPR in patients following non-traumatic cardiac arrest was planned to test the hypothesis that ACD-CPR by the first tier may increase the occurrence of ventricular fibrillation as(More)
An increased frequency of radiologic abnormalities in the thoracolumbar spine has been reported among young athletes in various sports, but there are no data concerning ski sports. To evaluate the incidence of these abnormalities in young elite skiers, we compared 120 skiers younger than 17 years old (alpine skiers, ski jumpers, and Nordic cross-country(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical relevance of tumor angiogenesis has been investigated in several human tumors, including prostate carcinoma (PC). Previously, we found angiogenesis, measured as microvessel density (MVD), to be an independent prognostic factor in PC. Therefore, we evaluated contrast-enhanced Transrectal Color Doppler Ultrasonography (TRCDUS) for(More)
 Failure of intestinal barrier function and subsequent translocation of bacteria from the gut are believed to play a decisive role in the development of systemic septic complications, for example, following major trauma or major abdominal surgery. This study evaluated: (a) the effect of glutamine on colonic microcirculation and electrophysiological(More)
This study characterizes microcirculatory changes (capillary blood flow, capillary permeability, and leukocyte rolling) in the pancreas, colon, liver, and lungs at different stages of severe acute pancreatitis (AP) in a well-established rat model using intravital microscopy and computerized image analysis. The results demonstrate that microcirculatory(More)