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In sweep-oar rowers, asymmetrical force production of the legs is a known phenomenon. The purpose of this study was to investigate the muscular activity of the legs that may cause this asymmetry even when oarsmen perform a symmetrical endurance task. Seven male young elite oarsmen performed an all-out 2000-m test on a rowing ergometer. During stroke(More)
In cadaveric organ transplantation there is a risk of transfer of infectious agents from donor to recipient. The consequences can be fatal for immunosuppressed recipients. This is illustrated by a case history in which an infection with the fungus Monosporium apiospermum was transferred from a donor to two cadaveric kidney recipients, of whom one died and(More)
  • P M Banks, Moore, +51 authors Vanessa Oertzen-Hagemann
  • 2014
A multivariate analysis of the visual-perceptual attributes of male and female tennis players of varying ability levels.heit im Sport – " Ein Leben mit Sport – aber sicher ". visuellen Leistungsprofil von Volleyballspieler(inne)n – Kon-sequenzen für die Sport-und Trainingspraxis. (2001). Table tennis specific eyehand (bat) coordination and visual depth(More)
Progressive symptoms of caudal compression (flaccid paraparesis, sensory disorders), accompanied by severe pain and fever, developed over a few days in a 26-year-old man with Crohn's disease for 11 years. Spinal computed tomography, performed under the diagnosis of herniated disc, revealed intraspinal soft tissue, as well as gas in the spinal canal (L2-S3)(More)
In a series of 6 patients out of 47 cases with extrarenal hyperparathyroidism we investigated the clinical, laboratory and ultrastructural peculiarities of acute hyperparathyroidism. It was found that there are characteristic differences between both entities which, however, are fluid. Clinically more severe were neuromuscular psychiatric and mental signs.(More)
The results presented here show the measurement of the subcapsular hydrostatic pressure (SHP) to be a suitable method for the postoperative monitoring of a allogeneic kidney transplants. The SHP of the kidney reflects the interstitial pressure of this organ. Disturbances in the graft of immunological or non-immunological origin induce pressure increases(More)