Gunter P Wagner

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Evolvability, the ability of populations to adapt, has recently emerged as a major unifying concept in biology. Although the study of evolvability offers new insights into many important biological questions, the conceptual bases of evolvability, and the mechanisms of its evolution, remain controversial. We used simulated evolution of a model of gene(More)
Pleiotropy, a 103-year-old concept [1], refers to the phenomenon of one mutation affecting multiple traits. Compared with the fundamental importance of pleiotropy in genetics, development, evolution, and medicine, our empirical knowledge of the prevalence and mechanism of pleiotropy is scarce [2]. Given this context, Paaby and Rockman's recent Opinion(More)
EBOOK/PREPRINT SPECIAL COMMENTS. This is a working copy (draft or preprint): It may differ from final published version and should not be quoted nor referenced. Copyrights belong to the author and may have been transferred to the final publication venue. Please consult for links to the final published version. Ceci est une(More)
was created in 2002 in order to provide a national forum in re­ search and education for the mathematical biosciences. Funded by the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the National Science Foun­ dation, the Institute's goals are to catalyze interactions between the mathematical and biological sciences, and to nurture a nationwide community of scholars in(More)
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