Gunter Lochnit

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Filarial nematodes produce proteins containing phosphorylcholine (PC) covalently attached to N-linked glycans. Our previous work has suggested that transfer of PC might be dependent on a metabolite of the Kennedy pathway of phospholipid biosynthesis. In this study we have investigated whether the end product of this pathway, phosphatidylcholine, and in(More)
Immunomodulatory properties of phosphorylcholine (PC)-containing glycosphingolipids from Ascaris suum were investigated utilizing immune cells from BALB/c mice. Proliferation of splenic B cells induced either via F(ab')2 fragments of anti-murine Ig (anti-Ig) or LPS was significantly reduced when the glycosphingolipids were present in the culture medium.(More)
The neutral glycosphingolipid fraction from adults of the pig parasitic nematode, Ascaris suum, was resolved into four components on thin-layer chromatography. The high-performance liquid chromatography-isolated components were structurally analysed by: methylation analysis; exoglycosidase cleavage; gas-liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry; liquid(More)
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