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Bounding techniques for queueing network models used to analyze the performance of parallel and distributed computer systems accept single values as model inputs. Uncertainties or variabilities in service demands may exist in many types of systems. Using models with a single aggregate mean value for each parameter for such systems can lead to inaccurate or(More)
We introduce an extended RSVP protocol called Mobile RSVP which support multimedia and real-time traffic in a Mobile IP based environment. Our proposed protocol is appropriate for those mobile nodes that can not a-prior determine their mobility behaviour. However, we have also analysed the effect of a deterministic mobility specification. We also describe(More)
Preface Due to the technological progress of parallel processing systems and their increasing availability for scientiic and commercial applications, the appropriate development of optimum parallel programs is a challenging task for software engineers of parallel systems. Besides other aspects, the objective to design and implement parallel programs showing(More)
The development of parallel programs following the paradigm of communicating sequential processes to be executed on distributed memory multiprocessor systems is addressed. The key issue in programming parallel machines today is to provide computerized tools supporting the development of eecient parallel software, i.e. software eeectively harnessing the(More)
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