Gunter Hans Filho

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BACKGROUND Melanoma inhibitory activity is a protein secreted by melanoma cells and has been used as a tumor marker. Increased Melanoma inhibitory activity serum levels are related to metastatic disease or tumor recurrence. Currently there are no studies on Melanoma inhibitory activity and cutaneous melanoma involving Brazilian patients. OBJECTIVE To(More)
American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis (ATL) is a chronic, non-contagious, infectious disease affecting millions of people worldwide. The timely and proper treatment is of great importance to prevent the disease from progressing to destructive and severe forms. Treatment for ATL recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health is similar for the whole country,(More)
Atypical mycobacteria are saprophytic organisms not transmitted from person to person, which affect mainly immunosuppressed but also immunocompetent individuals. We present a case of atypical mycobacteriosis after a vascular procedure, with widespread cutaneous lesions associated with polyarthralgia. Mycobacterium chelonae was identified by the polymerase(More)
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