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Isotopes: Principles and Applications
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The geochemistry of Jurassic dolerites from Portal Peak, Antarctica
Geochemical and isotopic analyses have been performed on a suite of samples from a Jurassic quartz tholeiite sill of the Ferrar Group at Portal Peak, Queen Alexandra Range, near the Beardmore GlacierExpand
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The Transantarctic Mountains: Rocks, Ice, Meteorites and Water
Prolog Preface Acknowledgements Part I: EXPLORATION AND CHARACTERIZATION 1. The Exploration of Antarctica 2. Antarctica: The Continent Part II: THE BASEMENT ROCKS 3. Southern Victoria Land BasementExpand
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Strontium-isotope composition in the Tethys Sea, Euboea, Greece
Abstract We have determined 87 Sr 86 Sr ratios of the Tethys Sea by analyzing limestones of Permian to Late Cretaceous age from the overthrusted sequence of central and northern Euboea. The resultsExpand
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Identification and age of neoformed Paleozoic feldspar (adularia) in a Precambrian basement core from Scioto County, Ohio, USA
Fourteen core samples of Precambrian granitic gneisses from a well drilled in the Green Township, Scioto County, Ohio were studied to determine the origin of alkali feldspar in these rocks. The wellExpand
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The origin of salts on Mount Erebus and along the coast of Ross Island, Antarctica
Salt deposits in the form of crusts and efflorescences are a common feature of rock exposures along the coast of Ross Island and on the summit of Mt. Erebus, an active volcano that dominates theExpand
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Kirwan Volcanics, Queen Maud Land
Western Queen (Dronning) Maud Land in Fig. 14.1 is not considered to be part of the Transantarctic Mountains because the basement rocks were not deformed and regionally metamorphosed by the RossExpand
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From Rodinia to Gondwana
The standard model for the origin of the Transantarctic Mountains postulates that during the Neoproterozoic Era a supercontinent existed called Rodinia which included what later became the EastExpand
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