Gunseli Ozturk

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BACKGROUND Although the local anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and oxidative activity of UVB is known, the systemic effect of UVB phototherapy in dermatological patients has not been investigated. OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the lipid peroxidation status (as represented by thiobarbituric acid reactive substance, TBARS) and nitrite-nitrate levels(More)
Immunological alterations have been implicated in the etiopathogenesis of vitiligo. The aim of this study was to determine peripheral lymphocyte subpopulations and interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) in patients with vitiligo. Forty-five vitiligo patients (24 female, 21 male) and 34 healthy controls (11 female, 23 male) were included into the study. Eight(More)
BACKGROUND It has been shown that toll like receptors (TLR) may be involved in some inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis. Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentation disorder of unknown aetiology. A number of genes playing a role in inflammatory response may be associated with development of vitiligo. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether(More)
Behçet disease (BD) and recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) are two distinct diseases of unknown aetiology which are both characterized by oral aphthae. The aim of this study was to determine the possible association of both diseases with antioxidant status and nitric oxide levels. Twenty-six patients (17 female, nine male) with RAS, 28 patients (17 female,(More)
Porokeratosis of Mibelli, a disorder of keratinization, should be treated because of the possibility of development of malignant epithelial tumors on the porokeratotic lesions. Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery is considered to be particularly useful in the treatment of precancerous and benign skin lesions. We aimed to evaluate the efficiency of this method in(More)
Eruptive disseminated Spitz naevi is a rarely reported condition. Although the dermatoscopic features of nondisseminated, solitary forms of Spitz naevi are well known, there are no reports describing the dermatoscopic features of eruptive disseminated variant. We report an additional case and describe the dermatoscopic features. Two patterns were observed.(More)
BACKGROUND More than 250 cases of allergic contact dermatitis due to propolis have been described. A few of these occurred in beekeepers. OBJECTIVE To describe a case of psoriasiform dermatitis caused by propolis in a beekeeper who thought that his lesions were related to honeybee stings. METHODS A 45-year-old beekeeper experienced hand dermatitis for(More)
Terbinafine, a widely used antifungal agent, may rarely cause cutaneous side effects with an incidence of 2.7%. Generalized pustular eruptions are quite uncommon but severe adverse cutaneous reactions of terbinafine have been reported. The main pustular eruptions due to terbinafine include acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis and drug induced pustular(More)
CONTEXT Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions (CADRs) are observed in 2-3% of hospitalized patients. The clinical presentation of the CADRs varies among different populations. OBJECTIVE To study the CADRs in hospitalized patients and their outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients hospitalized at our department between 2005 May and 2010 May were(More)