Gunnar Wende

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Partial acid hydrolysis of cell wall material from Festuca arundinacea cell cultures yielded a novel O-feruloylated trisaccharide (3). Treatment of 3 with Driselase, which contains beta- but not alpha-D-xylosidase, released xylose plus the known compound, beta-D-xylopyranosyl-(1-->2)-(5-O-feruloyl)-L-arabinose. Since 3 contained one NaIO4-resistant xylose(More)
Alcohol-insoluble residues (AIRs) from Festuca and Zea cell cultures contained 7.4 and 35 nmol esterified ferulate mg-1, respectively. Driselase solubilised 79% of the feruloylated material from both AIRs. Of the feruloyl esters solubilised from Festuca and Zea AIRs, 72 and 56% respectively were small enough to be mobile on paper chromatography. The major(More)
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