Gunnar Taraldsen

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AIM The aim of this study was to investigate the predictive value of a computer-based video analysis of the development of cerebral palsy (CP) in young infants. METHOD A prospective study of general movements used recordings from 30 high-risk infants (13 males, 17 females; mean gestational age 31wks, SD 6wks; range 23-42wks) between 10 and 15 weeks post(More)
Gender differences in the prevalence of symptoms of anxiety and depression during adolescence are well documented. However, little attention has been given to differences in subjective well-being, self-esteem and psychosocial functioning between boys and girls with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The aim of this study was to investigate gender(More)
OBJECTIVE Absence of fidgety movements (FM) in high-risk infants is a strong marker for later cerebral palsy (CP). FMs can be classified by the General Movement Assessment (GMA), based on Gestalt perception of the infant's movement pattern. More objective movement analysis may be provided by computer-based technology. The aim of this study was to explore(More)
It is well known that improper priors in Bayesian statistics may lead to proper posterior distributions and useful inference procedures. This motivates us to give an elementary introduction to a theoretical frame for statistics that includes improper priors. Axioms that allow improper priors are given by a relaxed version of Kolmogorov's formulation of(More)
Improper priors are used frequently, but often formally and without reference to a sound theoretical basis. A consequence is the occurrence of seemingly paradoxical results. The most famous example is perhaps given by the marginalization paradoxes presented by Stone and Dawid (1972). It is demonstrated here that the seemingly paradoxical results are removed(More)
We review and complement a general approach for Monte Carlo computations of conditional expectations given a sufficient statistic. The problem of direct sampling from the conditional distribution is considered in particular. This can be done by a simple parameter adjustment of the original statistical model if certain conditions are satisfied, but in(More)
Michael, Schucany & Haas (1976) presented a method for the simulation of random variates using transformations with multiple roots. A generalization of this method to include vector-valued transformations is given here. A short introduction to the inverse Gaussian distribution is given. The joint distribution of the sufficient statistic is well known, but(More)
Improper priors are used frequently, but often formally and without reference to a sound theoretical basis. The present paper demonstrates that Kolmogorov's (1933) formulation of probability theory admits a minimal generalization which includes improper priors and a general Bayes theorem. The resulting theory is closely related to the theory of conditional(More)
We prove compact-randomness of the intersection of a measurable familyof compact-random sets. This generalizes results on the intersection of countable families of random sets. The main tools are given by the theory of Souslin spaces and the idea of countable separation. An example of a random set is given by the energy spectrum of an electron in a(More)
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