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We propose a new niching method for Evolutionary Algorithms which is able to identify and track global and local optima in a multimodal search space. To prevent the loss of diversity we replace the global selection pressure within a single population by local selection of a multi-population strategy. The sub-populations representing species specialized on(More)
We propose the Clustering Based Niching (CBN) method for Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) to identify multiple global and local optima in a multimodal search space. The basic idea is to apply the biological concept of species in separate ecological niches to EA to preserve diversity. To model species we use a multi-population approach, one population for each(More)
This paper describes a new procedure for selecting weighting matrices in linear-quadratic optimal control designs. The procedure is based on asymptotic modal characteristics of multivariable LQ-regulators as control weights tend to zero. The asymptotic behavior of both eigenvalues and eigenvectors is used to provide complete, unique specification of the(More)
Standards are necessary for the successful interaction of field bus nodes. Because of the wide range of field bus applications, the Application Layer are very difficult to define. For the Local Operation Network (LON) detailed device specifications are already established by the LONMark standardisation organisation. This specifications focus on single(More)
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