Gunnar Schulze

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Protein kinases constitute a particularly large protein family in Arabidopsis with important functions in cellular signal transduction networks. At the same time Arabidopsis is a model plant with high frequencies of gene duplications. Here, we have conducted a systematic analysis of the Arabidopsis kinase complement, the kinome, with particular focus on(More)
Good scientific writing is a skill researchers seek to acquire. Textbook literature provides guidelines to improve scientific writing, for instance, " use active voice when describing your own work ". In this paper we investigate to what extent researchers adhere to textbook principles in their articles. In our analyses we examine a set of selected(More)
A major challenge in adopting UML in industrial environments is the lack of accessibility and comprehensibility of some diagram types by non-technical stakeholders. Literate Modeling improves comprehension of these diagrams by adding narrative text, but lacks good tool support for synchronizing model and text. This paper presents an approach for keeping(More)
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