Gunnar Schulze

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Protein kinases constitute a particularly large protein family in Arabidopsis with important functions in cellular signal transduction networks. At the same time Arabidopsis is a model plant with high frequencies of gene duplications. Here, we have conducted a systematic analysis of the Arabidopsis kinase complement, the kinome, with particular focus on(More)
The relative importance of different effector mechanisms of thermoregulation may change depending on their availability. Intact rats make only limited use of a learned response on a cold ambient temperature stimulus, and rely almost entirely on autonomic regulatory functions. After destruction of the anterior hypothalamus, rats exhibit a reduced(More)
A major challenge in adopting UML in industrial environments is the lack of accessibility and comprehensibility of some diagram types by non-technical stakeholders. Literate Modeling improves comprehension of these diagrams by adding narrative text, but lacks good tool support for synchronizing model and text. This paper presents an approach for keeping(More)
We study the influence of different metallic substrates on the electron induced heating and heat dissipation of single C60 molecules in the junction of a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope. The electron current passing through the molecule produces a large amount of heat due to electron-phonon coupling, eventually leading to thermal decomposition(More)
This paper presents an approach for matching cell phone trajectories of low spatial and temporal accuracy to the underlying road network. In this setting, only the position of the base station involved in a signaling event and the timestamp are known, resulting in a possible error of several kilometers. No additional information, such as signal strength, is(More)
Good scientific writing is a skill researchers seek to acquire. Textbook literature provides guidelines to improve scientific writing, for instance, " use active voice when describing your own work ". In this paper we investigate to what extent researchers adhere to textbook principles in their articles. In our analyses we examine a set of selected(More)
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