Gunnar Karlsson

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There has recently been a notable interest in the organization of routing information to enable fast lookup of IP addresses. The interest is primarily motivated by the goal of building multi-Gb/s routers for the Internet, without having to rely on multi-layer switching techniques. We address this problem by using an LC-trie, a trie structure with combined(More)
Podcasting has become a very popular and successful Internet service in a short time. This success illustrates the interest for participatory broadcasting, in its actual form however, podcasting is only available with fixed infrastructure support to retrieve publicized episodes. We aim at releasing this limitation and present herein our podcasting system(More)
In this paper we analyze link-layer handover times in wireless local area networks based on the IEEE 802.11b MAC protocol. Our measurements indicate that detection and search phases are the main contributors to the handover time. We show that detection time can be reduced by reacting quickly to packet losses and by using shorter beacon intervals. We also(More)
We consider the problem of organizing address tables for internet routers to enable fast searching. Our proposal is to to build an efficient, compact and easily searchable implementation of an IP routing table by using an LC-trie, a trie structure with combined path and level compression. The depth of this structure increases very slowly as function of the(More)
The biochemical, electrophysiological and pharmacological properties of the new GABAB receptor blocker CGP 35348 are described. In a variety of receptor binding assays CGP 35348 showed affinity for the GABAB receptor only. CGP 35348 had an IC50 of 34 microM at the GABAB receptor. The compound antagonized (100, 300, 1000 microM) the potentiating effect of(More)
In this work we present a middleware architecture for a mobile peer-to-peer content distribution system. Our architecture allows wireless content dissemination between mobile nodes without relying on infrastructure support. Contents are exchanged opportunistically when nodes are within communication range. Applications access the service of our platform(More)
This paper proposes a controlled-load service that provides a network state with bounded and well known worst-case behavior. The service is primarily developed for real-time applications. The full system for achieving quality of service to the application consists of an admission control combined with forward-error correction. The admission control is used(More)