Gunnar Dietz

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The cortical regions of the brain are laminated as a result of directed migration of precursor cells along glia during development. Previously, we have used an assay system to identify astrotactin as a neuronal ligand for migration on glial fibers. To examine the function of astrotactin in vivo, we generated a null mutation by targeted gene disruption. The(More)
Service-oriented architectures (SOA) offer a conceptual and technical solution for many problems. However, the realization and even more the management of a SOA often remains a very hard task. A continuous evaluation of existing services and service candidates is necessary to implement, maintain and enhance a SOA. This is far from being trivial because of(More)
Service-oriented architectures were introduced to create a technological basis for reacting to business requirements in a distributed application environment. Services encapsulate functionality to be reused in different processes and can be easily described in design models that should be the result of analyzing the business requirements described in(More)
With the rise of SOA advance, organizations require methods and tools to analyze services regarding their fit to the needs of an institution. Research on the evaluation and selection of services has mainly adopted a non-functional perspective so far. Hence, in this paper we propose a framework for analyzing services from a business process perspective.(More)
The management of web service access is a great challenge primarily in organizations with a high number of web services and various sorts of access authorization. Both organizational and technical hurdles have to be overcome. Technical barriers arise by different security requirements across various systems under consideration of economic conditions.(More)