Gunnar Berg

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The TriµP facility at KVI is dedicated to provide short lived radioactive isotopes at low kinetic energies to users. It comprised different cooling schemes for a variety of energy ranges, from GeV down to the neV scale. The isotopes are produced using beam of the AGOR cyclotron at KVI. They are separated from the primary beam by a magnetic separator. A(More)
A new experimental approach to the famous problem of the anomalously slow Gamow-Teller (GT) transitions in the beta decay of the A=14 multiplet is presented. The GT strength distributions to excited states in 14C and 14O were studied in high-resolution (d,2He) and (3He,t) charge-exchange reactions on 14N. No-core shell-model calculations capable of(More)
  • Kajsa Bråting, Filosofie Licentiatavhandling, I Matematik, På Polacksbacken, I Uppsala, Gunnar Berg +4 others
  • 2004
Overview In this licentiate thesis we consider the Cauchy sum theorem, which was first formulated in 1821. In particular we consider the Swedish mathematician E.G Björling's contribution to this theorem. In connection to this theorem we will discuss some problems that may appear when formal definitions of mathematical concepts are to vague. We discuss this(More)
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