Gunjana Sharma

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We report vacuum packaging procedures for low-stress die attachment and versatile hermetic sealing of resonant MEMS. The developed in-house infrastructure allows for both high and moderate-level vacuum packaging addressing the requirements of various applications. Prototypes of 100 μm silicon-on-insulator Quadruple Mass Gyroscopes (QMGs) were packaged using(More)
Proliferation and fusion of myoblasts are needed for the generation and repair of multinucleated skeletal muscle fibers in vivo. Studies of myocyte differentiation, cell fusion, and muscle repair are limited by an appropriate in vitro muscle cell culture system. We developed a novel cell culture technique [two-dimensional muscle syncytia (2DMS) technique](More)
We report a new approach for improvement of the long term in-run bias stability of Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes. The approach is based on utilization of the mechanical quadrature error in gyroscopes to compensate for variation in system parameters. The proposed approach was validated by a silicon Quadruple Mass Gyroscope, with the natural frequency of 3(More)
Vernal keratoconjunctivitis / spring catarrh is a variety of exogenous allergic conjunctivitis, which is a very troublesome ocular disease of childhood and in the adolescent age group. The child suffers from intense itching, grittiness, discharge, redness, lacrimation, photophobia, and so on, thereby, decreasing his learning hours. The troublesome features(More)
The stroke asymmetry of contact angles of water drops on tilted hydrophobic textures is demonstrated, obtained by ion track etching followed by a hydrophobic treatment. Preliminary trends concerning the advancing and receding contact angles are established, each with and against stroke direction. In rough agreement with Cassie-Baxter theory, the cosines of(More)
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