Gunjan Sinha

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volume 32 NumBeR 3 mARCH 2014 nature biotechnology be more specific to their targets and bind very tightly, Dobson adds. Also, because the rate of alpha-synuclein aggregate formation is dependent on concentration, “you don’t need to perturb a large number of synuclein molecules to reduce the probability of aggregates forming,” Dobson says. Aside from direct(More)
L ike many oncologists, Don Dizon, M.D., doesn’t like to candy-coat bad news. “I try to be realistic about what we can accomplish with treatment,” said Dizon, who specializes in treating gynecological cancers at Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island. But it’s in what he tells his patients afterward that Dizon may stray from the norm. Dizon also(More)
Specialty firm Edison Pharmaceuticals of Mountain View, California, has entered a strategic alliance worth up to $4.3 billon with Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma (DSP) of Osaka, Japan, to develop drugs for inherited respiratory chain diseases of the mitochondria. Under terms of the deal, the companies will jointly expand Edison’s pipeline, bringing ten new(More)
four related, but distinct, flavivirus serotypes (DEN 1-4), spread by the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. The boom in global travel and trade, urbanization, climate change and poor mosquito control have colluded to fuel dengue’s dramatic increase. A 2013 study (Nature 496, 504–507, 2013) estimated the current annual global incidence of dengue(More)
Another device similar to VBLOC to treat obesity-induced diabetes developed by Dusseldorf, Germany–based MetaCure entered the European market in 2006. The device stimulates the stomach muscles before meals to induce feelings of satiety to prevent overeating. Fewer than 200 people have received implants, however, and clinical studies to date have been small,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is a proven tool to reduce visceral leishmaniasis vectors in endemic villages. In India IRS is being done with stirrup pumps, whereas Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries use compression pumps. The present study was conducted with the objectives to compare the efficiency, cost and user friendliness of(More)