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Anthracnose disease caused by the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complex is a major problem worldwide. In this study, we investigated the phylogenetic diversity of 207 Indian Colletotrichum isolates, associated with symptomatic and asymptomatic tissues of mango, belonging to this species complex. Phylogenetic analyses were performed based on a(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate and characterize the antileishmanial efficacy of fucoidan, a polyanionic sulphated polysaccharide from brown algae, in experimental infections of BALB/c mice with antimony-susceptible (AG83) and -resistant (GE18ER) Leishmania donovani. METHODS The effect of fucoidan was assessed against intracellular(More)
BACKGROUND The central Indian state Madhya Pradesh is often called as 'heart of India' and has always been an important region functioning as a trinexus belt for three major language families (Indo-European, Dravidian and Austroasiatic). There are less detailed genetic studies on the populations inhabited in this region. Therefore, this study is an attempt(More)
8,8''-Biapigeninyl (BA), a condensation product of two apigenin molecules, is found abundantly in the nuts of Cupressus sempervirens. We investigated the effects of BA on murine bone cells in vitro and in ovariectomized (OVx) mice. BA at 10(-10)M and 10(-8)M, inhibited osteoclastogenesis of bone marrow cells (BMCs) and displayed concentration dependence. BA(More)
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides sensu lato has been associated with anthracnose in diverse commercial crops. It is now established that C. gloeosporioides sensu lato comprises 33 phylogenetic species and C. gloeosporioides sensu stricto is not a common pathogen of tropical fruits. In this study, we investigated the phylogenetic relationships of 85(More)
BACKGROUND The present sero-genetic study is the first of its kind to present the baseline data of Bharia tribe of Madhya Pradesh. The main aim of this study is to provide phenotype and allele-frequency data to characterize the population genetically and to fill the void on the genetic map of Madhya Pradesh. MATERIALS AND METHODS For this, blood samples(More)
BACKGROUND A double blind randomized prospective study was undertaken to determine the effect of adjuncts like epinephrine 200μg or clonidine 90μg in combination of bupivacaine and lignocaine into the brachial plexus sheath to study the sensory and motor onset, duration of analgesia, hemodynamic changes and adverse effects. PATIENTS #ENTITYSTARTX00026; (More)
Recent empirical work has shown that the success of an economy depends largely on how successful it is in allocating inputs and outputs across businesses efficiently with minimum disruption and frictions. Market institutions that impact this allocation potentially account for productivity differences across countries. Existing studies use quite broad(More)