Gunilla Amnér

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The concept of alexithymia was scrutinized in a group of female patients with eating disorders: 15 anorectics and 13 bulimics (mean age of 27 yr.), plus a control group of 21 (mean age 38 yr.). Subjects were interviewed and tested. In the main test an ambiguous face was flashed briefly on a screen opposite the viewer who had to describe her impressions. To(More)
Fifteen anorectic (A) and 13 bulimic (B) patients aged 20-49 years, all seriously ill, and 21 controls were studied, using a half-structured interview, the Tennessee Self Concept Scale, the tachistoscopic Identity Test (IT), and two other percept-genetic tests. The differences between A and B were not particularly pronounced, A patients being on the whole(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of problem-based and team-based learning (PBL/TBL) is to maximize student engagement and encourage interactive learning. Combining these methods in course design is described as a win-win situation that optimizes student learning, professional development, and uses varied teaching approaches that fit well within health science. More(More)
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