Gundu H. R. Rao

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OBJECTIVES To assess the performance of an educational campaign to increase adherence to a mass-administered DEC regimen against lymphatic filariasis (LF) in Orissa, and to identify factors that could enhance future campaigns. METHOD Randomized cluster survey, comparing areas that did and did not receive the educational campaign, using a household(More)
The Chennai Urban Population Study investigates a South Indian population with a high prevalence of cardiovascular disease associated with the metabolic syndrome (MS). The Ala54Thr polymorphism in the fatty acid-binding protein 2 (FABP2) gene as well as the T-455C and C-482T polymorphisms in the apolipoprotein C-III (APOC3) gene promoter have been(More)
Five types of oculocutaneous albinism and two types of ocular albinism were found among 349 Puerto Rican albinos. The most prevalent type of albinism was the Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome (HPS). HPS was observed in five of every six albinos in Puerto Rico. The prevalence of HPS was highest in the northwestern quarter of the island, affecting approximately one(More)
The biochemistry of platelets from two unrelated patients with the gray platelet syndrome, a deficiency of platelet alpha-granules, has been evaluated. Ultrastructural studies of their platelets revealed the number of alpha-granules to be less than 15% of normal, whereas the number of dense bodies was within normal limits. Platelets from both patients had(More)
Platelet production of 12L-hydroxy-5,8,10-heptadecatrienoic acid (HHT) and 8-(1-hydroxy-3-oxopropyl)-9, 12L-dihydroxy-5,10-heptadecadienoic acid (PHD), two metabolites of the prostaglandin cyclic endoperoxides PGG2 and PGH2, was found in this investigation to occur primarily in a platelet microsomal fraction consisting almost exclusively of membranes. To(More)
An evaluation of platelet and vascular (aortic) arachidonic acid metabolism was performed in Lewis male rats rendered diabetic by injection of streptozotocin, and the results were compared to those in matched controls. Parameters evaluated included the release of this fatty acid from prelabeled platelets and aortas and conversion of labeled fatty acid to(More)
Evaluation of platelet physiology, biochemistry, ultrastructure, and function in a young woman without history of hemorrhagic problems revealed that her platelets were deficient in cyclooxygenase activity. Her citrate platelet-rich plasma (C-PRP) responded monophasically when stirred with aggregating agents in the same manner as aspirin-treated normal(More)
The effect of in vitro aspirin treatment and alpha adrenergic receptor stimulation on the interaction of platelets with the subendothelium was studied using citrated human blood obtained from normal control donors. Reconstituted blood following drug treatment was circulated through a chamber which housed everted segments of deendothelialized rabbit aorta.(More)
A bioartificial pancreas, a medical device entrapping islets of Langerhans (islets) in an immunoisolative membrane, has been regarded as one of the most promising approaches to treat insulin-dependent diabetic patients. In this study, various modifications of alginate-chitosan microcapsules were made such as the inclusion of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and(More)