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BACKGROUND Therapy of atopic dermatitis (AD) relies on immunosuppression and/or UV irradiation. Here, we assessed clinical efficacy and histopathological alterations induced by blue light-treatment of AD within an observational, non-interventional study. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS 36 patients with severe, chronic AD resisting long term disease control(More)
Two different feeding regimens for calves (age up to 21 days) suffering from acute diarrhea were evaluated with respect to course of illness and change in body weight. The patients of the experimental group were given whole milk ad libitum three times a day. The patients of the control group were offered whole milk at a rate of 13% their body mass per day(More)
In a retrospective study the data of 293 young calves (age upon admission less than four weeks) with evidence of ruminal drinking (rumen pH < 6.0) were analyzed for possible associations between ruminal acidosis and various parameters of systemic acid-base metabolism (blood pH, blood levels of HCO3- and L-lactate, as well as anion gap). On the basis of the(More)
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