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The human genomic clone pb2m13 contains a functional beta 2-microglobulin (B2m) gene, which upon transfection is readily expressed in murine fibroblasts. Here we report the nucleotide sequence of the human beta 2m gene and of a nearly full length cDNA clone. A comparison with the murine beta 2m gene reveals that exon/intron boundaries are absolutely(More)
Spontaneous isotype switch variants from IgG1 to IgG2a of monoclonal antibody (MAb) BW 494 were generated. Their frequency was found to be 1 variant cell out of 2 X 10(5) parental hybrid cells. The tissue specificity of the parental MAb BW 494 IgG1 was identical to that of the BW 494 IgG2a variant arguing for an unaltered paratope shared by the parent and(More)
The nucleotide sequences of the human class I major histocompatibility complex genes HLA-B27k and HLA-B27w have been determined. They differ by only four nucleotides over a stretch of 14 bp in exon 2, resulting in three amino acid exchanges at positions 77 (Asp to Asn), 80 (Thr to Ile) and 81 (Leu to Ala). The distribution of these nucleotide substitutions(More)
The genes encoding HLA-B27K and HLA-B27W were transfected into murine recipient cells. A monoclonal antibody HC-10, directed against free B-locus heavy chain, was the only reagent capable of efficiently detecting the HLA-B27 heavy chains in detergent lysates. These heavy chains were devoid of sialic acid. Trace amounts of HLA-B27 could be isolated with the(More)
BACKGROUND Therapy of atopic dermatitis (AD) relies on immunosuppression and/or UV irradiation. Here, we assessed clinical efficacy and histopathological alterations induced by blue light-treatment of AD within an observational, non-interventional study. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS 36 patients with severe, chronic AD resisting long term disease control(More)
A two phase radioimmunotherapy based on bispecific MAbs in which one arm recognises a tumour antigen and the other a radiolabelled chelate, may prove more effective in the treatment of carcinomas than currently available immunotherapies. To establish this system we first showed that penetration into human carcinoma xenografts as well as long term retention(More)
A fusion protein consisting of the humanised Fab fragment of the anti CEA MAb BW 431 and the human beta-glucuronidase was expressed in BHK cells. Functional testing revealed that the specificity and avidity of the humanised V region was similar to the original murine MAb BW 431. Furthermore, the enzymatic activity, pH sensitivity and stability of the human(More)
Two different feeding regimens for calves (age up to 21 days) suffering from acute diarrhea were evaluated with respect to course of illness and change in body weight. The patients of the experimental group were given whole milk ad libitum three times a day. The patients of the control group were offered whole milk at a rate of 13% their body mass per day(More)