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New, high-resolution infrared and radio images of the X-ray luminous Wolf-Rayet system WR147 (AS 431) are presented. The 5-GHz radio image resolves both components of this double source. The emission from one component, that to the South and associated with the wind of the WN8 star is 170 253 mas, indicating that the stellar wind is not spherically(More)
  • Arief Widjaja, Yusnica Silvya, Hanny F Agnesty, Setiyo Sangian, Gunawan
  • 2015
Sugarcane bagasse is one of lignocellulose materials that can be converted to biofuel. This work was aimed to develop new pretreatment combination methods to process sugarcane bagasse lignocellulose into biofuel (bio-hydrogen). Pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse using NaOH solution in combination with ionic liquid [DMIM]DMP enhanced the enzymatic hydrolysis(More)
Research on strategic collaboration has been interested for many years. Collaboration is believed as an effort to balance between competition and sharing which will take many benefits to create a strategic advantage between collaborating parties. With the growth of the Internet and ICT, the conducting of collaboration through WWW platform will transcend the(More)
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