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This paper presents an approach to build synsets for Indonesian Word Net semi-automatically using monolingual lexical resources available freely in Bahasa Indonesia. Monolingual lexical resources refer to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indoensia or KBBI (monolingual dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia) and Tesaurus Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian thesaurus). We assume that(More)
New, high-resolution infrared and radio images of the X-ray luminous Wolf-Rayet system WR147 (AS 431) are presented. The 5-GHz radio image resolves both components of this double source. The emission from one component, that to the South and associated with the wind of the WN8 star is 170 253 mas, indicating that the stellar wind is not spherically(More)
Grammar Induction is a machine learning process for learning grammar from corpora. This paper will discuss the process of grammar induction for Indonesian language corpora using genetic algorithm. The Grammar production rules will be modeled in the form of chromosomes. The fitness function is used to count how many sentences can be parsed. The data used are(More)
Automatic extraction of hypernym-hyponym pairs has been done in many researches. But none is described as an automatic method to incorporate the result to Word Net or on Word Net building. This paper proposes a method to automatically acquire hypernym-hyponym pairs for Word Net building by utilizing a monolingual dictionary and Lesk Word Sense(More)
Ontology describes a set of concept or entity and each relation. Ontology as knowledge representation usually has a large structure because it can cover a wide area topics. Ontology building process is divided into two subprocesses, those are term extraction and relation formation. Term extraction in ontology building is done for extracting concept or(More)
This study aims to analyze degree of awareness of ICT and perceived outcome of SMEs to be involved in digital collaboration networks. Digital Collaborative Networks can be assumed as a digital highway to accelerate economic growth in certain industrial sector. In this network, stakeholders can be formed in a unity to be voluntary sharing their business(More)
This paper describes an approach for editing Indonesian Language Lexical Database especially noun category and its relations. The purpose of this editor is to refine Indonesian Lexical Database that was developed in our previous researches. The visualization of the editor is using graph library with some modifications and additions. Furthermore, this editor(More)
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