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The purpose of this study was to advance our understanding of corporate environmental performance by linking its antecedents and consequences. This study examined how collaboration with research organizations, as a proactive strategic decision, influences the environmental performance of firms, which in turn leads to innovation performance. Using the data(More)
In a study of top U.S. executives between 1996 and 2006, we examined the impact of underwater stock options on voluntary turnover. Financial and economic logic suggests that underwater options may carry a positive valuation based on Black–Scholes (BS) pricing, even when the current market price is below the exercise price. However, a variety of(More)
This study aims to expand our understanding of environmental performance by adopting exploration and exploitation concepts, which are key types of firm innovation. We reveal exploration and exploitation as two important antecedents of proactive and reactive environmental performance. We also identify the conditions under which the distinct effects of these(More)
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