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The Impact of “Self-knowledge” Subject on Social-psychological Characteristics of Pupils’ Identity☆
Abstract Reforming of an educational system in Kazakhstan includes the variety of educational projects. First lady of Kazakhstan S.A.Nazarbayeva's project on moral-spiritually educationExpand
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"Socially-Psychological Research of Religious Orientations and Preferences in Modern Kazakhstan "
This article presents the results of the socio-psychological research of religious orientations and preferences of students in Kazakhstan, one of the major states of Central Asia.Kazakhstan, whereExpand
Critical Contextual Empiricism as a Version of Pluralist Realism
critical contextual empiricism (cce), developed by Helen longino, has made it possible to permanently establish the social and normative aspects in the treatment of understanding of science. inExpand
The Kazakh Ethical Tradition and Anti-nuclear Ethics
The article analyses the contribution of the Kazakh traditional ethics to the formation of a modern harmonious world. The peaceful and harmonizing nature of the philosophical ethics of variousExpand
Al-Farabi’s Doctrine on the Head of the Virtuous City in the Context of Contemporary Kazakhstan
Abū Naṣr al-Farabi is rightfully considered one of the greatest thinkers in the world whose teachings have always been and will remain relevant through all stages of human history. Al-Farabi’sExpand
Essence of intellect and logic in the farabian tradition
The article gives an analysis of that during the Islamic Middle Ages the Al-Farabi's doctrine on intellect and logic took pride of place. The main point in this part of his philosophy is a belief inExpand
he article describes the basic concepts and views on the policy of multiculturalism, using the example of European countries (the United Kingdom, Germany and France). The research is focused on threeExpand
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«Organization and Behavior Pattern of an Individual within a Poly-Cultural Society. Issues Referring to Regulation of Different Cultural Values Relevancy Correlation in an Integral Modern Society,
Vector oriented at a certain stability level and set up by state, has a direct impact over the social and cultural environment development and changes within this environment. In this respect, someExpand
Al-Farabi on the interdependence of religion and politics
Abu Nasr Muhammad b. Muhammad, better known as al-Farabi (c.870 -c.950), was the most au- thentic of the Arabic philosophers. The principal sources of his philosophy are to be sought in the GreekExpand