Gultekin Gulsen

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In this work, a first-of-its-kind fully integrated tri-modality system that combines fluorescence, diffuse optical and x-ray tomography (FT/DOT/XCT) into the same setting is presented. The purpose of this system is to perform quantitative fluorescence tomography using multi-modality imaging approach. XCT anatomical information is used as structural priori(More)
We have developed an MRI RF coil whose tuning can be adjusted automatically between 120 and 128 MHz for sequential spectroscopic imaging of hydrogen and fluorine nuclei at field strength 3 T. Variable capacitance (varactor) diodes were placed on each rung of an eight-leg low-pass birdcage coil to change the tuning frequency of the coil. The diode junction(More)
BACKGROUND The T-box transcription factor TBX3 is necessary for early embryonic development and for the normal development of the mammary gland. Homozygous mutations, in mice, are embryonic lethal while heterozygous mutations result in perturbed mammary gland development. In humans, mutations that result in the haploinsufficiency of TBX3 causes Ulnar(More)
Fluorescence tomography (FT) is a promising molecular imaging technique that can spatially resolve both fluorophore concentration and lifetime parameters. However, recovered fluorophore parameters highly depend on the size and depth of the object due to the ill-posedness of the FT inverse problem. Structural a priori information from another high spatial(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the locomotor functional recovery of patients with brain tumor and patients with stroke. Each patient with a brain tumor was matched to a patient with stroke according to the lesion side. Twenty-one patients operated for intracranial tumors and 21 patients with stroke were studied. The mean ages (+/- standard deviation)(More)
Mammographic density has been proven as an independent risk factor for breast cancer. Women with dense breast tissue visible on a mammogram have a much higher cancer risk than women with little density. A great research effort has been devoted to incorporate breast density into risk prediction models to better estimate each individual's cancer risk. In(More)
Dynamic contrast-enhanced diffuse optical tomography (DCE-DOT) can provide spatially resolved enhancement kinetics of an optical contrast agent. We undertook a systematic phantom study to evaluate the effects of the geometrical parameters such as the depth and size of the inclusion as well as the optical parameters of the background on the recovered(More)
Recognizing motivationally salient information is critical to guiding behaviour. The amygdala and hippocampus are thought to support this operation, but the circuit-level mechanism of this interaction is unclear. We used direct recordings in the amygdala and hippocampus from human epilepsy patients to examine oscillatory activity during processing of(More)
This study focuses on a multimodal imaging technique that integrates both structural and functional information using a priori ultrasound (US) information to assist near-infrared (NIR) diffuse optical tomography (DOT). Up to date, hand-held systems that integrates DOT and US have been demonstrated. Our system is designed to be fully-automated and(More)