Gulnur Sabirhazi

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Five Calligonum species endemic to the Tarim Basin - C. roborowskii, C. kuerlese, C. juoqiangense,C. yengisaricum, and C. taklimakanense - were compared using 14 morphological characteristics and nrDNA ITS and cpDNA trnL-F molecular data. Intraspecific and interspecific morphological variation was uncovered, with variation between species significant for(More)
The paper analyses total of 58 samples representing 32 species of the 14 genera of shrub plant of the carbon isotope composition in Xinjiang representatives of Chenopodiaceae and a detailed discussion on the various factors that can influence them. The value of 38 samples fall between −14.88‰ and −11.55‰ with a mean of −13.34‰, and values of 20 samples(More)
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