Gulnaz G Faskhutdinova

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Three genes mutations in which cause familial forms of Alzheimer's disease are known to date:PSEN1, PSEN2 and APP; and APOE gene polymorphism is a strong risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. We have evaluated allele and genotype frequency distribution of rs11136000 polymorphism in clusterin (CLU) gene (or apolipoprotein J, APOJ) in populations of three(More)
OBJECTIVE Numerous studies have reported association of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT) polymorphisms and neuroticism and traits characterizing sociability and activity. This study aimed to define a single genotype effect of three polymorphic markers in the 5-HTT gene (5-HTTLPR, A/G SNP in 5-HTTLPR and STin2 VNTR) and to check possible association of(More)
Distribution of the Alcohol Dehydrogenase ADH1B*47His Allele in Eurasia To the Editor: Recently, Li et al. 1 reported on the frequency of the derived allele ADH1B*47His in Eastern and Western Asia. The data were based on meta-analysis of the published results for 131 populations and the results of genotyping of samples from 37 additional populations,(More)
The serotonin transporter (5-HTT) is a protein that has a major role in divergent psychiatric disorders, personality traits and behaviors, by regulating serotonergic synaptic function. Transcriptional activity of the 5-HTT gene (5-HTT or SLC6A4) is modulated by a polymorphic repetitive element (5-HTT gene-linked polymorphic region, 5-HTTLPR), which consists(More)
The "royal disease," a blood disorder transmitted from Queen Victoria to European royal families, is a striking example of X-linked recessive inheritance. Although the disease is widely recognized to be a form of the blood clotting disorder hemophilia, its molecular basis has never been identified, and the royal disease is now likely extinct. We identified(More)
Accurate unambiguous identification of ancient or historical specimens can potentially be achieved by DNA analysis. The controversy surrounding the fate of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, and his family has persisted, in part, because the bodies of 2 children, Prince Alexei and 1 of his sisters, have not been found. A grave discovered in 1991(More)
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