Guldeniz Aksan Desteli

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BACKGROUND Lymphadenectomy is an integral part of the staging system of epithelial ovarian cancer. However, the extent of lymphadenectomy in the early stages of ovarian cancer is controversial. The objective of this study was to identify the lymph node involvement in unilateral epithelial ovarian cancer apparently confined to the one ovary (clinical stage(More)
Objective: Many epidemiological studies have shown that human papillomavirus related infections play a major role in cervical preinvasive and invasive lesions. ASCUS (atypical cells of undetermined significance) observed in about 4-5% of all cervical cytology specimens. We searched for the presence of HPV with immunohistochemical methods in the biopsy(More)
Uterine clear cell carcinoma (UCC) is an aggressive variant of endometrial cancer. Comprehensive surgical staging is strongly recommended for these patients as an upstaging to Stage 3-4 occur in 35-50% of patients. Stage 1A (no myometrial invasion) according to FIGO 1988 staging system are seen very rarely in patients. In most of the studies, regarding(More)
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