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X-ray particle image velocimetry for measuring quantitative flow information inside opaque objects
An x-ray particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique was developed to measure quantitative information on flows inside opaque objects. To acquire x-ray images suitable for PIV velocity fieldExpand
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Analysis of Flow Resistance Inside Microchannels With Different Inlet Configurations Using Micro-PIV System
Most microfluidic chips consist of several microchannels inside. In order to design microfluidic chips efficiently, it is important to predict the flow passage and to understand the flowExpand
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Velocity field measurements of blood flows using a synchrotron x-ray imaging technique
The x-ray PIV technique was empoyed to measure instantaneous velocity fields of blood flow in an opaque microchannel. Generally, it is difficult for conventional clinical instruments to visualizeExpand
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A biomimic surface was coated onto a poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) substrate. The coated PTFE surface was found to have nanoscale roughness and high hydrophobicity. In the first preparation step,Expand
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Micro-PIV measurements of blood flow in a microchannel
Velocity fields of blood flow in a micro channel were investigated experimentally using a micro-PIV velocity field measurement technique. The results were compared with those obtained for DI waterExpand
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Fabrication and performance of 2-D compound X-ray refractive lenses
Due to the weak refraction of X-rays in matter, a focusing or deflection of X-ray using conventional refractive optics was not feasible. However, since compound X-ray refractive lens (CXRL) withExpand
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Velocity Field Measurements of Flow in Various Microchannels
Micro-PIV system was employed to measure velocity fields of flow inside microchannels. The experiments were carried out for several microchannels of different width (100800μm) and different inletExpand