Guiyun Tian

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—This paper studies different secrecy rate optimization problems for a multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) secrecy channel. In particular, we consider a scenario where a communication through a MIMO channel is overheard by a multiple-antenna eavesdropper. In this secrecy network, we first investigate two secrecy rate optimization problems: 1) power(More)
Delamination is one of the most common defects in carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) components, such as those used in aircraft and wind turbine blades. To detect delaminations, different NDT methods such as ultrasonic (UT), eddy current (EC) scanning, flash thermography, and recent developed pulsed-eddy-current-(PEC-) simulated thermography are(More)
To solve the problem of coverage performance assessment, this study proposes an evaluation method based on the trajectory of the target, which is applicable to universal sensor networks, including both heterogeneous and homogeneous sensor networks. Different from the traditional Voronoi algorithm, the proposed Improved Coverage Force Division (ICFD) plans a(More)
In order to solve tiny defect detection for solder balls in high-density flip-chip, this paper proposed feasibility study on the effect of detectability as well as classification based on eddy current pulsed thermography (ECPT). Specifically, numerical analysis of 3D finite element inductive heat model is generated to investigate disturbance on the(More)
In this paper, efficient managing particle swarm optimization (EMPSO) for high dimension problem is proposed to estimate defect profile from magnetic flux leakage (MFL) signal. In the proposed EMPSO, in order to strengthen exchange of information among particles, particle pair model was built. For more efficient searching when facing different landscapes of(More)
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