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As cloud-based services become more numerous and dynamic, resource provisioning becomes more and more challenging. A QoS constrained resource allocation problem is considered in this paper, in which service demanders intend to solve sophisticated parallel computing problem by requesting the usage of resources across a cloud-based network, and a cost of each(More)
In many environmental monitoring applications, since the data periodically sensed by wireless sensor networks usually are of high temporal redundancy, prediction-based data aggregation is an important approach for reducing redundant data communications and saving sensor nodes' energy. In this paper, a novel prediction-based data collection protocol is(More)
—Cloning attacks threaten Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) applications but are hard to prevent. Existing cloning attack detection methods are enslaved to the knowledge of tag identifiers (IDs). Tag IDs, however, should be protected to enable and secure privacy-sensitive applications in anonymous RFID systems. In a first step, this paper tackles(More)