Guixiong Liu

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Clark-Wilson model is widely used to protect commercial information against unauthorized modification. However, due to only single-level data protection support and no attention paid on difference of importance level of protected data, the model does not apply to many scenarios. An enhanced Clark-Wilson model is put forward in this paper to provide flexible(More)
OPNET Modeler is an important network simulation tool, which can be used for designing and analyzing of time synchronization protocol. Local clock is necessary to time synchronization protocols such as NTP, SNTP while OPENT Modeler only provides a precise clock that recording simulation time. This paper presents a design model of drifting clock that can be(More)
Increasing the coverage rate of ultrasonic path to flow field is helpful to improve measurement results' accuracy of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters while asymmetric flow or turbulence exists. In this paper, a 3D isosceles triangular ultrasonic path is presented considering the width of the ultrasonic signal and the maximum coverage rate of the(More)
In view of the issue that the accuracy of the node location of wireless sensor networks (WSN) is low by adopting maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) in estimating the measurement information value with big noise, a new node location estimation scheme based on support vector regression (SVR-NLE) is proposed. Through learning the relation between the real(More)
In view of the current situation of the country where basic facilities are lagging and inhabitation is dispersed and the weaknesses of the various rural information technologies, a multilayered, distributed and regional country information service platform based on wireless field-bus hybrid network is proposed. Its structure, hardware frame and(More)
To facilitate the construction of wiring project and lowering the network costs, Pyxos chip can become the node of a Pyxos network by embedding said chip into the temperature sensor, creating an intelligent building monitoring system. The system consists of Pyxos detecting layer, Lon Works control layer and internet data layer. The system is used to control(More)
High accuracy digitization and digital sensor parameters configuration are more complex. According to the principles of digitization, sensor signal high accuracy digitization technologies are discussed and applied to high accuracy digital load cell design. Orthogonal experiments method is adopted to optimize parameters configuration, and ENOB (effective(More)
In order to improve the self-immunity capabilities of the IEEE 1451 based smart sensors and enhance the level of sensors' intelligence, this paper presents a sensors fault detection and repair method based on Auto-Associative Neural Network (AANN). The error sum of squares (SSE) is introduced as a sensor fault evaluation factor on the basis of the inherent(More)
The characteristics of the combustion temperature, flow velocity, CO distribution and NOx emissions of a 10 MW gas burner at different primary to secondary air ratios are numerically studied using computational fluid dynamics software Fluent. The results indicate that the primary to secondary air ratio in gas burner determines the combustion quality through(More)