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The determination of ammonia volatilization with sufficient spatial and temporal resolution requires a simple and versatile in situ measurement technique, particularly in developing countries. Therefore, a simple chamber method for determining ammonia (NH3) volatilization in the field (Dräger-Tube Method; DTM) was calibrated by comparison with simultaneous(More)
Field plot and micro-plot experiments were conducted to investigate the use efficiency (UE) , fate, and loss of chemical fertilizer N in tomato field of Nanjing suburb. The results showed that the application of chemical fertilizer N did not show any benefit to the tomato yield, due to the adequate N supply from native soil and organic manure amendment. The(More)
The acidophilic archaeons are a group of single-celled microorganisms that flourish in hot acid springs (usually pH < 3) but maintain their internal pH near neutral. Although there is a lack of direct evidence, the abundance of sugar modifications on the cell surface has been suggested to provide the acidophiles with protection against proton invasion. In(More)
The relationships between nitrogen and yield and between water and yield, and the fate of nitrogen under plastic film mulching for spring maize were studied with field plots and microplots in the southern Loess Plateau. The results showed that plastic-film mulching (N120C) could increase maize yield by 46.7%, comparing with no-mulching(N120UC) in same rate(More)
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