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Feature extraction plays an important role in the whole process of liver characterization. Because the ultrasonic scanner in use can be adjusted by different clinicians to produce optimal images, the ultrasound images captured sometimes can be greatly influenced by machine settings and further impact the classification result. In this paper, some(More)
BACKGROUND Modern medical advances have greatly increased the survival rate of infants, while they remain in the higher risk group for neurological problems later in life. For the infants with encephalopathy or seizures, identification of the extent of brain injury is clinically challenging. Continuous amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG)(More)
In this paper, we present an experiment to extract liver features using two-dimensional phase congruency, which is invariant to changes in intensity or contrast, to try to avoid the influence of machine settings. The effectiveness of our method was tested on three classes of liver images and shows the potential for physicians to quantify liver pathology in(More)
Diagnostic ultrasound is one of useful and noninvasive tools for clinical medicine. However, due to its qualitative, subjective and experience-based nature, ultrasound images can be influenced by image conditions such as scanning frequency and machine settings. In this paper, a novel method is proposed to extract the liver features using the joint features(More)
Three-dimensional fuzzy logic controller (3-D FLC) is a novel FLC developed for spatially-distributed parameter systems. In this paper, we are concerned with data-based 3-D FLC design. A table look-up scheme is employed to design 3-D FLC in terms of input-out pairs. The design is composed of five steps, including division of data space, generation of fuzzy(More)
With the development of digital signal processing technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processor), MP3 format music (ISO/IEC 11172) is popular which is using MPEG-1 international audio standard. But most of the mp3 decoder depends on unique application specific integrated circuit, so it is lack of flexibility and upgrade. To meet this requirement, a(More)