Guishu Chong

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The spatially chaotic attractor in an elongated cloud of Bose-Einstein condensed atoms perturbed by a weak optical lattice potential is studied. The analytical insolvability and numerical incomputability of the atomic number density are revealed by a perturbed solution that illustrates the unpredictability of the deterministic chaos. Although this could(More)
We explore how to control the dynamical instability of a quasi-one dimensional (1D) stationary state Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) consisting of fixed N atoms with arbitrary time-independent external potential and atomic scattering length. The dependence of the perturbed solutions on the velocity field, external potential, condensed atom number, and the(More)
The classical and quantum irregular spin dynamics of atomic spinor Bose-Einstein condensates in an optical lattice, where light-induced and static magnetic dipole-dipole interactions originate the interplay of the condensate at each site, are investigated. Classical-quantum correspondence in the large-spin limit is studied. Quantum chaotic features are(More)
The chaotic coherent atomic tunneling between two periodically driven and weakly coupled Bose-Einstein condensates has been investigated. The perturbed correction to the homoclinic orbit is constructed and its boundedness conditions are established that contain the Melnikov criterion for the onset of chaos. We analytically reveal that the chaotic coherent(More)
We find a set of new exact solutions of a quantum harmonic oscillator, which describes some wave-packet trains with average energy being proportional to both the quantum level and classical energy of the oscillator. Center of the wave-packet trains may oscillate like a classical harmonic oscillator of frequency ω. Width and highness of the trains may change(More)
We explore the dynamical stabilities of a quasi-one dimensional (1D) Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) consisting of fixed N atoms with time-independent external potential. For the stationary states with zero flow density the general solution of the perturbed time evolution equation is constructed, and the stability criterions concerning the initial conditions(More)
Using the idea of the macroscopic quantum wave function and the definition of the classical chaos, we analytically reveal that the probability density of two periodically driven and weakly coupled Bose-Einstein condensates is deterministic but not predictable. Numerical calculation for the time evolutions of the chaotic probability density demonstrates the(More)
Chaotic space-time evolution is investigated for the particle number density of a Bose-Einstein condensate with attractive interatomic interaction loaded into a traveling optical lattice. Melnikov chaos is studied and the weakly chaotic regime is presented analytically. Transitions from transient to stationary chaos in the space-time evolution are(More)