Guisheng Yin

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This paper proposes a three-party quantum secret sharing scheme based on entanglement without local unitary operations. The message sender prepares the entangled states and sends them to the agents, who can obtain the secret message by only performing measurement on their photons if all of the agents collaborate. In contrast to the use of local unitary(More)
In order to improve the efficiency and utility of mobile crowdsourcing systems, this paper proposes an incentive mechanism with privacy protection in mobile crowdsourcing systems. Combining the advantages of offline incentive mechanisms and online incentive mechanisms, this paper proposes an incentive mechanism that selects the worker candidates statically,(More)
The support vector machine (SVM) is a widely used approach for high-dimensional data classification. Traditionally, SVMs use features from the spectral bands of hyperspectral images with each feature contributing equally to the classification. In practical applications, although affected by noise, slight contributions can also be obtained from deteriorated(More)
Three-dimensional segmentation of medical volumetric image data as a basis of 3D reconstruction has important significance in biomedicine engineering. However, noises or intensity inhomogeneity in practical application often make 3D medical images segmentation become formidable. To effectively alleviate these problems, this paper presents a novel(More)
In this paper, we formalize and prove the correctness of a concurrency control algorithm for accessing to temporal data model in real-time database. A checking mechanism is proposed based on the semantic information of transaction deferrable time comparing transaction deadline with data deadline. The concurrency control algorithm improves the performance of(More)
A requirement process plays very important part in software engineering process. In order to truly meet the needs requested by customers, a software engineering system should include a high-quality requirement management process, which can accurately describes the software requirements. In this paper addresses and defines the requirement process to be(More)
An effective method to reduce the time of response time about query is to materialize views in data warehouse. Current strategies mainly consider the methods of the primary selection of materialized views. Due to the insufficient consideration of the dynamic refreshment, we address a new dynamic method which can wash out materialized views and add new(More)
Background With the current popularity of online social networks, more and more information is distributed through social network services [2]. Participants in online social networks want to share information and experiences with as many reliable users as possible [3–5]. Trust is a basis of social network services. However, the modeling of trust is(More)