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The fast proliferation of cloud computing promotes the rapid development of large-scale commercial data centers. Tens or even hundreds of geographically distributed data centers have been deployed for better reliability and quality of services. This brings huge energy consumption for data centers. Previous research has proved that the geographical load(More)
Web service composition is a flexible way for resource sharing and application integration. However, how to guarantee quality of service composition remains a challenging problem. This paper proposes a heuristic approach to optimizing service selection for composition so that the user’s QoS expectation is satisfied. Optimization is enforced for(More)
Cloud computing has attracted much interest recently from both industry and academic. However, it is difficult to construct perfectly secure mechanisms, in face of complex and various attack behaviors in cloud computing. In this paper, a stochastic game model (SGM) is proposed to describe the attack-defense behavior in cloud computing, the physical machine,(More)
Service composition is an effective way to achieve value-added service, which has found wide application in various areas. security design at architecture level is critical to achieve high assurance for these applications. However, most security design techniques for service composition were in ad hoc fashion and fell short in precise notations. This paper(More)
Reliability is a key issue of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is widely employed in distributed systems such as e-commerce and e-government. Redundancy based technologies are usually employed for building reliable service composition on top of unreliable Web services. This paper proposes a strategy for modeling and analyzing fault tolerant(More)
Process of service composition is complex and error-prone, which makes a formal modeling and analysis method highly desirable. This paper presents a Petri net-based approach to analyzing the soundness and compositionality of services in BPEL. A set of translation rules is proposed to transform BPEL processes into Petri nets, by which behaviors of the BPEL(More)