Guirong Lu

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A robust control method based on equivalent control of Variable Structure Control (VSC) with feedforward compensator for robotic manipulators subject to load uncertainties is presented. The feedforward compensator is used to improve tracking precision, and the feed-sequence compensator with the Proportional Integral (PI) regulator to the sliding-mode(More)
We identified a 1A6/DRIM (down-regulated in metastasis) interacting protein, KIAA0649 during the yeast two-hybrid screen. The interaction between KIAA0649 and 1A6/DRIM was further confirmed by GST-pull-down and co-immunoprecipitation assays. KIAA0649 was originally identified from human brain tissue. However, its biological function remains unknown. In this(More)
The rat fibroblast cell line Rat 1 was transfected with total DNA of a gastrocarcinonta cell line, BGC-823. The transforming gene was cloned from the genomic library of the secondary transformants using in situ hybridization with a probe of the human Alu repeat sequence. This cloned gene is homologous to the protooncogene c-Ha-nw. The activation lesion of(More)
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