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L-ornithine decarboxylase provides de novo putrescine biosynthesis in mammals. Alternative pathways to generate putrescine that involve ADC (L-arginine decarboxylase) occur in non-mammalian organisms. It has been suggested that an ADC-mediated pathway may generate putrescine via agmatine in mammalian tissues. Published evidence for a mammalian ADC is based(More)
A widespread increase in SpmS (spermine synthase) activity has been produced in transgenic mice using a construct in which the human SpmS cDNA was placed under the control of a composite CMV-IE (cytomegalovirus immediate early gene) enhancer-chicken beta-actin promoter. Four separate founder CAG/SpmS mice were studied. Transgenic expression of SpmS was(More)
In rough set theory, it has been proved that finding the minimal reduct of information systems or decision tables is a NP-complete problem. Therefore, it is hard to obtain the set of the most concise rules by existing algorithms for reduction of knowledge. In this paper, the method of finding sub-optimal reduct based on discernibility matrix is proposed. In(More)
CONCLUSIONS The expression of toll-like receptor (TLR) 4 and associated downstream events, such as the activation of signal pathway proteins and inflammatory cytokine production, were down-regulated in the granulation tissues of postoperative mastoid cavity with otorrhea, possibly leading to endotoxin tolerance. OBJECTIVE The postoperative mastoid cavity(More)
OBJECTIVE Secondary cytoreductive surgery (SCS) is reported to be beneficial for patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian carcinoma (EOC). The current study is to evaluate risk factors that would affect the surgical optimal resection rate and prognosis of recurrent EOC after SCS in Chinese patients. METHODS In our study, 44 patients with recurrent EOC(More)
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