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The Adsorption of Arsenic on Magnetic Iron-Manganese Oxide in Aqueous Medium
The iron oxide and manganese oxide were widely used to remove pollutants for their excellent surface activities and adsorption capabilities. Given that the solid-liquid separation of powderedExpand
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The adsorption of arsenic on magnetic iron oxide in aqueous solutions
Iron oxides are widely used as adsorbents to remove pollutants because of their excellent surface activities and resultant significant adsorption capabilities. In an effort to study the adsorptionExpand
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Studies on Removal of As ( III ) by Several Types of Ferrated Salt in Aqueous Medium
element arsenic usually exists mainly as As(Ⅲ) and As(V) in aqueous medium, and the migration and toxicity of arsenite are higher than those of arsenate. In order to improve the removal efficiency ofExpand
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[Gas chromatographic analysis of C1-C6 fatty acids in rat fecal samples].
A gas chromatography procedure was performed to determine C1-C6 fatty acids in rat feces. Acidated fecal homogenate was extracted with ethyl ether-petroleum ether (1 + 1). After addingExpand