Guiping Zeng

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The low lysine content of waxy maize cannot meet the nutritional requirements of humans, livestock, or poultry. In the present study, the high-lysine genes o2 and o16 were backcrossed into wx lines using the maize high-lysine inbreds TAIXI19 (o2o2) and QCL3021 (o16o16) as donors and the waxy maize inbred line QCL5019 (wxwx) as a receptor. In the(More)
We propose a control scheme for selecting populations of molecular rotational states by wave-packet interference. A series of coherent rotational wave packets is created by nonadiabatic rotational excitation of molecules using two strong femtosecond laser pulses. By adjusting the time delay between the two laser pulses, constructive or destructive(More)
We study the rotational wave packet created by nonadiabatic rotational excitation of molecules with strong femtosecond laser pulses. The applicable condition of the Delta-Kick method is obtained by comparing the laser intensity and pulse duration dependences of the wave packet calculated with different methods. The wave packet evolution is traced(More)
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