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Canadians provide significant amounts of unpaid care to elderly family members and friends with long-term health problems. While some information is available on the nature of the tasks unpaid caregivers perform, and the amounts of time they spend on these tasks, the contribution of unpaid caregivers is often hidden. (It is recognized that some caregiving(More)
The relationship between increasing women's earnings and rising divorce rates frequently has been explained by the so-called independence effect: If a wife enjoys a higher earning than her husband does, she gains less from marriage. It has also been argued that in a society with egalitarian gender attitudes this effect is less important. In this paper, we(More)
BACKGROUND This study sheds important light on the association between sino-nasal symptoms and global quality of life in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis waiting for endoscopic sinus surgery. Using patient-reported information collected pre-operatively, the primary objective was to report on patients' pre-surgical sino-nasal symptoms and their(More)
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